FRW YourKite Project Coordinator:
Urszula Puchalska

The Volunteering Development Foundation (FRW) is a national NGO based in Lublin which provides knowledge and skill based volunteering programs for university students in the whole of Poland. The foundation is promoting the idea of volunteering  as we believe that it is an effective form allowing young people to develop and to build needed social capital in Poland.

Our main program,” Projektor”, which is conducted since 2003, allows to redress equal educational opportunities for children and adolescents in Poland through educational projects which are implemented in schools by volunteering students. Thanks to the university student’s knowledge and skills put into practice in non-formal educational workshops, children experience how interesting learning can be. On the average around 2200 projects are conducted on a yearly basis under the program “Projector”. Nearly all projects are conducted in schools in rural areas of Poland were the need for non-formal educational projects is still very high. The ideas for the projects come from the students themselves and range from chemistry experiments, over sports events to workshops dealing with multiculturalism. The university students try to bring interesting and neglected topics into the rural schools in order stimulate and equal out the educational opportunities of the pupils.  The FRW team, made up of experienced youth workers and trainers, support the university students in their efforts. In 2014 we were therefore also chosen the best NGO in Poland supporting university students by the national student parliament of Poland.

Besides  conducting the program Projektor, FRW is  also  developing and  managing a series of other projects which are directed towards youth. For more information please have a look at our webpage: