FAIR YourKite Project Coordinator:

Urszula Puchalska



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FAIR (Fundacja Aktywnych Inicjatyw Rozwoju) is a national NGO based in Warsaw and

Lodz. Being a youth focused organization established in 2013, its main focus is on providing

educational and training activities for children, youth and adults. Especially those who are

from rural areas or/and with immigrant background and are at risk of exclusion. Moreover,

FAIR is focusing strongly on allowing Ukrainian migrants, the largest immigrant group in

Poland, to integrate into the Polish society and to also build understanding and cooperation

between Polish and Ukrainian people

The organizations main focus areas are:

– Providing support to migrant groups in Poland;

– Strengthening youth to become open minded, knowledged and skilled members of

the Polish and European society;

– Creation of educational materials (e.g training toolkits) on various topics

– Strengthening inter-cultural/religious dialogue within the society and especially among


– Youth Exchanges (schools, school youth, and students)

– Transnational Trainings for youth and NGO representatives

– International Cooperation’s between sectors and individuals for knowledge and skill

enhancement (workshops, conferences)