Basic trainers scenarios

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  • Amnesia

    Find “who you are” without asking this question.

  • Balloon of expectations

    Collect expectations with a balloon, learn the participants to “give” and “take” during the workshop.

  • Circle talks

    Move from general to personal questions in pairs and circles.

  • Flower

    Define the differences and similarities in a group with a flower-metaphor.

  • Map of expectations

    Visualize the expectations and worries of participants on a map. Use the method also for evaluation and voting.

  • Map of participants

    Put your city on the map and tell a few sentences about this place.

  • Paper me

    Create a person out of paper using certain characteristics and introduce it to the group.

  • Question cube

    Throw a cube and answer the relevant evaluation question.

  • Question posters

    Posters with 4 questions to facilitate the evaluation in bigger groups.

  • Tell me about the others

    Tell about yourself in one sentence and remember all the names in the group.

  • Triangle

    Silently pick two persons in a group and form a close triangle with them.

  • Who, as me, likes…?

    Ask the question and find a chair.