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Can I have your attention, please?

Wondering how to present effectively your online data? Learn more about the attention span in online communication.


Learning objectives and the skills developed

To learn about the elements of an effective presentation of online data.
To increase the awareness about attention span in online communication.

When to use it?

While talking about the effective presentation methods, online communication and organizational communication on web.


A computer or tablet/ a projector to screen the chosen about us pages of different organizations and businesses in the appendix; alternatively printed version of the pages.


Check the links in the appendix for screening with the projector or print them out.
Read the info box about attention span and online presentation.


Open 4 about us pages the links of which were provided in the appendix. Alternatively, hand out the printed version of the pages to the participants.
Ask them to look at each page for ten seconds. (1-2 mins.)
Discuss with the participants what they remember about the organizations presented in the pages, what they were about, what was the things which attracted their attention, what would make the pages more appealing, what was most memorable element and whether they were interesting enough to read forward. (15 mins.)
Divide the learners in groups of two-three and assign them one of the about us page to redesign the presentation of the page. (15 mins.)
Let each group to present their new design and explain why they have made those changes. (10 mins.)

Follow up questions:

How do you usually learn about new people and organizations?

Possible Variations:

Instead of presentation of the redesigned pages, the groups can prepare a 10 second videos for the about us pages with their smartphones.

Additional information

15 mins


45 mins

Group size




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