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May 4, 2017
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May 4, 2017
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Quiz on labour market


Learning objectives and the skills developed

To realize the various aspects of the success
To present dependency between successes, personality traits and professions in which these personality traits are important


Computer, projector, Internet access, flipchart,
markers, post-its, pencils


Step 1: What can be a success for somebody in your age?

[Group exercise] Try to name as many examples as possible, of what can be classified as a success for a middle school / high school student.
Hint: Remember that even a small success counts; try to think of different kinds of success.

Step 2: What are your successes you are proud of?
[Individual exercise] Write down at least 3 of your successes – only for you, without showing it to anyone.
Hint: Remember that these don’t have to be any spectacular successes, but even something small, that you’re proud of.

Step 3: Your personality traits that are behind these successes
[Individual exercise] Mark your personality traits that are behind these successes.

Sample personality traits to be considered:
Step 4: Professions in which the above personality traits are important
[Individual exercise] Please look at the list of deficit professions and future professions and try to select 10 professions in which the personality traits you marked are important. These are professions worth to be considered by you.

Possible Variations:

If you are a Polish-speaking person you can skip step 3 and 4 and go to Your Potential (Twój Potencjał) online tool to analyse your successes: (available only in Polish).

Additional information

1-2 hours


30 mins

Group size




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