Training on Entrepreneurship in Romania

Training on Volunteering, Labor Market Issues and Training Methodologies in Poland
April 22, 2016
yourKITE partners met for project meeting in Romania
May 26, 2016

Entrepreneurship was the main focus of the week 18-22 of January 2016, in YourKITE project.  12 members of the partner organizations participated in a transnational training on entrepreneurship education, in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). The host of the transnational training was Fundatia Danis, the YourKITE Romanian partner.

The participants from Poland (FRW and FRSI), Norway (Norsensus Mediaforum) and Romania (Fundatia Danis)  acquired new knowledge and developed skills on topics, such as business model canvas, planning, financial education, irrational decision-making process in business, leadership, social entrepreneurship, and Erasmus+ and entrepreneurship. The workshops were delivered by Fundatia Danis trainers and guest experts.

Moreover, the participants had the opportunity to meet representatives of some non-governmental organizations (Fundatia Civitas, Cluj Makers, and New Horizons Foundation), which run education programs and implement projects related to social entrepreneurship, innovation, IT, and financial education. They  also learned about Fundatia Danis main programs on entrepreneurship education and on enhancing young people’s employability, some of them developed in partnership with local universities and companies from the community.

“We could incorporate business model canvas as a planning method for new projects, include games and simulations as a part of our projects on entrepreneurship for youth, and link young people with social economy organizations operating locally”, declared one of the participants reflecting on how the partner organizations could use the new tools they learned about within the training from Cluj-Napoca.

Check here the full agenda of the training!

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