Young Trainers from Norway, Poland and Romania Met in Transilvania

yourKITE partners met for project meeting in Romania
May 26, 2016
Online training modules, available now for would-be trainers or beginners in working with youth, from Norway, Poland and Romania
May 8, 2017

In the frame of YourKITE Erasmus+ project, 18 young trainers from Norway, Poland and Romania met in Ighiu, Romania for a one week workshop. The participants between 18 to 25 learned developing workshops for youth, on media and communication, entrepreneurship, volunteering, and labour market, during the training.

The Norwegian and Polish team first met in Budapest and took a long bus ride together to Cluj-Napoca, where they met the Romanian participants. Thereafter, all arrived in the training venue, which is located in historic small village near Alba.

The first day of the training started with the integration and training methodology. In the following day the participants continued to explore the methodological elements of conducting a successful workshop for young audiance with facilaition of Urszula Puchalska.

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In the afternoon, Abdurrahim Gunaydin and Vedat Sevincer introduced visual communication and media session, where the participants learned about visual design, stop-motion animation as a tool of communication and developing media strategy.

The evening of the day was sealed with a colorful cultural evening where the representatives shared traditions, foods and culture of their respective countries.

The next day was devoted to entrepreneurship and volunteering. Paula Beudean showed the essentials of entreprenurship with some engaging activities, while Urszula Puchalska conducted an interactive session about volunteering. As a part of integration and knowing the local culture closer, the participants in group got chance to visit in the afternoon Alba, the largest citadel of Romania, and the former capital of Transylvania.

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Mariusz Boguszewski led the following day’s workshop on labor market, where he provided practical information about career planning.

As the young participants were introduced to the essential of the main topics of the training, the rest of program was devoted to practicing what they learned and tryin out the high volume toolkit prepared by the porject partners, Norsensus Mediaforum, Fundatia Danis, FRSI and FRW. They, in pair, prepared and conducted sample workshops making use of the ready made scenarios in the toolkit and the knowledge they gained during the first part of the training.

While they applied the workshop scenarios with the rest of the group, they got feedback about their performance in the light of the training methodology.

The program ended with a comprehensive evaluation of the whole training and reflection on the future implications for the participants.

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The training was held from September 11-17, 2016 to provide basic training skills, and practical knowledge on entrepreneurship, volunteering, career counselling, and media and communication, as a part of Erasmus+ Aktiv Ungdom supported Your Kite project.

The participants are to deliver in their community three workshops about the topics they learned to youth between 14-17 years old. They will use YourKite toolkit as a guideline in their workshops.
The workshops will be 1.5 hour each; delivered in pairs, in their own language, in October-November 2016.



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