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May 19, 2016
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May 19, 2016
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Show me your story

Make your presentations more engaging with the use of digital storytelling and online visualization tools.


Learning objectives and the skills developed

To learn about storytelling
To make more engaging presentations
To use online visualization tools

When to use it?
While learning about visual storytelling and

Computer or tablets.

Read the info box about visual storytelling.
Read the guideline on use of free online visualization tools listed in the resource section to choose one of them.
Send the link of the good examples of visual stories (listed in the resource section) to the participants

Introduce the class the elements of a good visual storytelling and where it can be used with examples from different fields like reporting, and business; – 5 min.
Make them open good examples of visually told stories you sent and ask the participants to analyse them by following the questions:
Which visuals make up the story?
Do the visuals represent or add emphasis to what the author/s announcing?
How is tone of the story they’re telling? (Fun vs. Serious, Celebratory, etc.)
Are the visuals intriguing? (Does it inspire you to want to know more?)
Do the visuals tell a story (or start to) within seconds of seeing it?
Do the visual work for print, TV, online and social media?
Are the visuals memorable and meaningful?
Divide the participants in groups of two. Then let them choose one of the following story topics to tell:
Story of a successful entrepreneur.
Their own life experience
Their parents’ life
The life of a historical figure
The story of a company
Tell each group to plan their stories in terms of: data collection method, visual elements they will use and the tone of the story.
Ask each group to open one of the free visual storytelling tools and build their stories in one of them. 25 min.
In the end each group exchange their visual stories with the next group and ask them to analyse their stories with the same questions above. 15 min.
Invite classroom to give feedback on each story. Focus not on the aesthetic of the product, but on how relevantly and clearly it was converted into infographics. – 15 min.

Possible Variations:
In the end, participants can alternatively present the visual stories to each other make critics and contests.

Additional information

60 mins


60 mins

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