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May 19, 2016
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Social media marketing


Learning objectives and the skills developed

To learn about storytelling
To understand the importance of visualization in presentation
To learn about online visualization tools
To learn about storytelling structure.
To learn preparing infographics for lengthy texts.

When to use it?

While learning about visual storytelling and


Flipchart, color pencils, news articles or reports, projector


Read the info box about visual storytelling and Infographics.
Find interesting reports/articles from magazines for each group.
Alternatively ask them to find one on the internet.
Open infographics examples from the link in the appendix.


Ask the participants from which sources they read news reports and which format (video news; – 5 min.
Ask them what they know about infographics. Explain what infographics are, which elements are made of, why/how they are used to tell complex stories and show examples – 10 to 15 min.
Divide the participants in groups of two to three. Then hand them out one flipchart, color pens and one report/article to read first.
Ask each group to draw infographic version of the story by drawing figures and using only one sentence for each figure; 25 min.
In the end each group has to present in 3 to 5 min. their infographics.
Invite classroom to give feedback on each infographics. Focus not on the aesthetic of the infographics, but on how relevantly and clearly it was converted into infographics. – 15 min.

Follow up questions:

Which format of information would you prefer while reading? Infographic or traditional reporting?

Possible Variations:

Alternative 1: Instead of news reports, you can also use CVs and business proposals.

Alternative 2: You can ask students to bring their laptops/tablets and design their infographics by using one of the online infographic tools, which are listed in the resource part.

Additional information

30 mins


60 mins

Group size




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