5.2. Are you an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurship Quotient

Entrepreneurship Quotient is a coefficient, which can be measured to diverse tests. These tests will never predict your success in business! The tests will just tell you if you have, at the moment of the test, some of the qualities / abilities needed to become an entrepreneur. The test used in this toolkit is adapted from the quiz from Start Your Own Business, Sixth Edition: The Only Startup Book You’ll Ever Need, written by Inc The Staff of Entrepreneur Media; the test was initially developed by Northwestern Mutual Life insurance.

The assumptions of the test are the following:

  • Most of the time, successful entrepreneurs prove not to be top achievers in school.
  • Entrepreneurs are not especially enthusiastic working in teams, and as youngster they prefer to work alone.
  • Entrepreneurs are determined / stubborn, and they are ready to take risks, and act less cautiously.
  • Entrepreneurs care less about others’ opinions, and dislike daily routines;
  • Entrepreneurs get bored quickly, they move from one project to another nonstop, and they are ready to put their savings in the next project.
  • Still most of the entrepreneurs handle cash flow properly and they have the habit to write down their goals.
  • Usually, the entrepreneurs are optimistic, characteristic that make it easier for them to take risks.

Once again: having a high Entrepreneurship Quotient does not mean automatically that one will succeed in his/her own business, but one may have the qualities / abilities it takes to become successful, while working hard for developing the business.