6.5. Trendy volunteering activities

Employee Volunteering

Companies have become conscious that doing good for the community can be also good for the company. Employees feel more connected to the company and people they work for and with, moreover, the company as such is creating a more positive brand awareness in the eyes of investors, their customers and local communities. Therefore companies ask their employees to donate time and skills after or during working hours to tackle social issues. Employee Volunteering can involve various tasks, from hands on activities like painting walls of orphanages to skill and advisory activities where employees provide training and advice to NGO staff, or lead workshops for school children.

International Volunteering

Volunteering while on a vacation, break, or gap year in another country is an increasingly popular way to give back. There are various international volunteering opportunities available. Participants can engage in humanitarian or disaster relief volunteering for example as UN Volunteers, or in other national humanitarian non-profit organizations. They may also get involved in the European Voluntary Service ( EVS). Both mentioned options demand a time commitment of a couple of months to one year. However, there is also the option to find international volunteering opportunities just for a few days or weeks. It is for instance possible to get involved in summer camps or other programs for youth and children or to help out in ecological farms. You can find links to international volunteering possibilities on the webpage www.yourkite.org.