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February 22, 2017
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February 22, 2017
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Defining volunteering

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When to use it?

Define what volunteering means and what a volunteer does.


Flipchart paper, markers & pens, post-its
[ if exercise 1 not done earlier: Printed out volunteering stories or short videos on volunteering roles]


Base this exercise on exercise 1 or provide the participants with written or filmed stories of various volunteers.
If you have not done exercise 1 with the group before: Analyze with the group the various volunteering roles based on the questions stated in exercise 1, point 3.
Based on the findings ask the participants to create individually a definition on what volunteering is.
Ask the participants to read out their definitions and create together, or decide on, one common definition. If the group is large, spit the group in two subgroups so that two definitions will be created. Keep the two definitions or try to work out with the whole group one definition based on the two presented ones.

Follow up questions:

Ask if everyone agrees with the definition and hang up the written definition.

Additional information

2 mins


25 mins

Group size




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