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February 22, 2017
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May 4, 2017
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What’s there and what’s for me?

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When to use it?

Define what volunteering means and what a volunteer does.

Printed out pictures of volunteering roles
Printed out volunteering test


Lay out pictures on the floor, showing volunteers in their various roles. Ask the participants to each take one picture.
[If the group is large you can also ask the participants to discuss and present one picture in pairs. You can find example pictures in the Appendix section of this toolkit or you can search the internet on your own for pictures showing different volunteering roles]
Ask each participant to present the volunteering roles on the picture by sitting or standing in a circle. By answering the following question.
What is the volunteer doing?
Who are the beneficiaries?
Who organized the volunteering activity? Was is organized through an organization or individually?
How long or often will the person volunteer?
[Write down the above questions on the flipchart in case you do not want to repeat the questions several times.]
Add information where needed about each volunteering activity presented. Make use of the information provided in the theory section on volunteering. See fact box.
After all roles have been discussed, ask the participants if they would like to engage in a volunteering activity. What they would like to do and why. If the group is not too large, allow each participant to talk.
Tell the participant that you have a self-assessment quiz to help them discover what kinds of volunteer opportunities they might enjoy. You can find the test in the Appendix section of the toolkit.

Follow Up Question:

Ask the participants if they agree with the test results. Did they find out something surprising and does the result fit with the idea they had earlier?

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