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May 19, 2016
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Picture volunteering

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When to use it?

• Understand what volunteers do.
• Understand how volunteering is regarded.
• Understand that there are various motivations to volunteer.
• Understand that it is possible to benefit from volunteering.


Flipchart paper, markers & pens, post-its


1.Provide the participants with three paper post-its and ask them to imagine a volunteer, and, individually, to write on each paper one trait that describes that volunteer. How is the volunteer?

2. After everyone is ready, split the participants in groups of 4-5 persons. In
groups, the participants should read out to each other the traits and based
on that create together a picture of a volunteer. The following instruction is
• Draw the volunteer and create a story of your volunteer that you can later
also present to the others. Give the volunteer also a name.
• Try to answer the following questions:
• How does he/she look like?
• What kind of person is he/she?
• What is he/she doing as volunteer?
• Why is he/she a volunteer?
[Write down the above questions on the flipchart in case you do not want to
repeat the questions several times.]
• Tell the participants that they:
• have 15 min to finish the task.
• need to decide how they want to present their work to the others.
[Provide the groups with colored pens or markers and one flip-chart sheet per

3. While the groups are working, prepare a flip chart sheet on which you will
summarize the findings from the groups. Divide the paper in 3 questions.
• How is he/she?
• What is he/she doing?
• Why is he/she a volunteer?

4. Ask each group to present. While they are presenting write down key words
answering the above questions from each group.

5. Make sure to hang up each picture of a volunteer so that anyone can see it.

6. Summarize the groups findings of all groups. Ask the participants if they want
to add something. Do all groups see the volunteer that way?

7. Pick some of the pictured volunteers ask the participants what other motivations their volunteer could have to engage in the described volunteering activity. Make the participants aware why people volunteer and that it can be a winwin situation. If you are a volunteer, tell them about your reasons to volunteer.

You can also present them at this stage with written or told stories of volunteers who state why they are volunteering and what positive effect it had on them.

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